Britain’s Heros

An old man who walked up and down his garden gets all sorts of awards, trains named after him and stuff!

The guy who deposed three corrupt prime ministers and counting, an equally corrupt Scottish first minister and counting and stopped the Scottish separatists in their tracks on behalf of the non blackmailed royals in 2014. Who single handily took the UK out of Europe against the will of powerful blackmailers. How does he get treated????

Not very well let me tell you, why? because the non blackmailed Royals stubbornly think they can use me to deal with the blackmailers instead of the much easier option of dealing with the blackmail victim (if you can call him that) Why? because he is one of their own, better to let me suffer than endure the embarrasment of outing the prick!

Meanwhile the powerful blackmailers with help from their Royal victim are free to try and dispose of me in any way they can so the non blackmailed royals can’t use ,me against them no more. I know it’s complicated but there you go, because my so called father is also blackmailing Charles through his pro Israeli friends (and using Charles’s powers against me), that gives the non blackmailed Royals the excuse they need to invoke National security powers including to fix elections and referenda to deal with the blackmailers but like I said earlier they have the option of forcing Charles out but prefer not to take it.

To put it another way the powers to fix an election are there to get rid of a PM that’s being blackmailed, problem is Brown, Cameron and May were not being directly blackmailed they were just doing the blackmailer (or Charles’s) dirty work so in my opinion the powers are being misused or even abused by the non blackmailed Royals by their refusal to deal with the real problem which is their very own Prince Charles.

There has been no democracy in this country since at least 2009 with the non blackmailed Royals using me (in my opinion) to abuse their powers to fix elections. Now we have a major pandemic and a shambles of a non elected government full of pro blackmailers and puppets of Charles who don’t have a clue how to run round the block never mind run a country.

The proper serious politicians are frozen out because they would quite simply be appalled if they found out what’s really going on.

No one came to me and said we have this potentially dangerous task of dealing with your father’s blackmailer friends (that are being used against you), it will be dangerous, you will be hounded and made homeless, intimidated by the security services and special forces soldiers (that Charles, his blackmailers and puppet PM’s will be in charge of), there will be attempts on your life mostly through food poisoning but other stuff like being intimidated by the likes of Charles(royal Dickhead) himself, David Cameron (PM at the time), Blair’s mate Hilary Benn (shadow foreign Sec at the time) and Amber Rudd (home sec at the time) in the hope you will assault one of them and be lawfully killed by their protection officers. No I was just thrown in at the deep end and left to my own devices! I spent three consecutive (Scottish) winters in a fucking tent, while hiding in a forest that was constantly patrolled by UK security services which included daily over fights by light aircraft (just above the trees) and severe intimidation if I dared leave the relative sanctuary of the forest, even for food. Lets not forget.

Will there be a public inquiry, I ain’t holding my breath.

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