Boris’s near Death Experience

Boris talks about his conversation with the grim reaper as he battled corona virus, I am not going to lie and say I sympathize with someone who has tried to murder me because I don’t.

I can however concur as I have been there several times as the blackmailed British State tries to carry out my fathers wishes to have me eliminated. The most recent episode was with a deliberately poisoned egg but the difference between Boris and I is that his illness was purely incidental where as my poisoned egg was concocted in the minds of evil people including or even especially him being that he is (thanks to me, how ironic is that) prime minister.

My so called Father has been using the blackmailed British state as his personal ‘hit man’ for as long as I can remember, from my brothers near fatal stabbing at her majesty’s pleasure to all this crap that’s happening to me.

He is over 80 now and Justice HAS to be seen to be done BEFORE the prick dies or the British state will have a stain on it’s conscience for ever!

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