Boris Who?

I am still trying to work out who the fuck Boris Johnson is? Insufficient data. I would like to think that he is on the right side of the fence but that intervention on LBC by his Father and his continued inclusion of pro blackmailers in his cabinet make me sceptical. I heard something on the BBC (oh dear) that he intends doing a major reshuffle in February (after Brexit). Hmm why wait? At worst, thanks to me his Brexit hands are tied. At best he is for real and not just another Old Etonian turncoat like his mates Dave and George.

He like me is right in between Charles and William age wise so who knows where his loyalties lie, we must hope it is William not waste of space Charles. In fact Boris is of a similar age as Princess Diana, while I am exactly the same age. It really pains me to think that she would only be my age had she not been murdered in cold blood. bastards.

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