Blatant Manipulation

So last night they removed the sound from one channel to wind me up and moved the TV programs that I normally watch to different times to make sure that there was nothing worth watching at 10:PM, , the time that I have admitted on here that I occasionally listen (with a large pinch of salt) to a sarcastic presenter on blackmailer owned LBC Radio. So I tuned in just to see what the fuss was about

The presenter was tearing into the Royals saying they are ripping off the tax payers and abusing their powers while living it up in palaces and mansions.

I will just remind my enemies that I have a mind of my own and will not be influenced by propaganda, because that’s all it is. I am not anti Royal, I am just trying to survive against the odds and anyone who attacks me without good reason, be it Royals, blackmailers or shamefully my own family will feel my wrath.

I am not stupid, clearly they are hoping I will say something nasty about Prince Philip to annoy the Queen. Don’t judge other people by your own standards Mr Blair. Yes I believe that Prince Philip is propping up Charles and I will not hesitate to chastise him for that (but at the same time understand his parental instincts) and I wish him no physical harm and hope he makes a speedy recovery from his illness.

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