Blackmail powers

So it looks like my so called Father has used his blackmail powers to make sure that the PC I ordered from Ebay did not arrive in time for my birthday (at the sellers feedback expense) but like I said I have the pleasure of knowing that I have cheated death (his no 1 Blackmail aim) for another year. I also have the knowledge that the 20 odd years older than me that he used to use to his advantage when I was a child, is now his Achillies heel. Hurry up and die old man!!! Then it will be the right time to celebrate! As for James T (Judas) and Gillian (little Judas), they ain’t even in my league! The tables will turn, all I need is a little patience and determination (of which I have plenty). Prince Charles (and or the fat nonce) can’t last much longer.

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