Before Me There Was BSE and Black Wednesday

The non blackmailed Royals started using me (as a blackmail victim) as an excuse to impose National Security Powers to force out corrupt stooge prime ministers as of 2009 while Gordon Brown was in office, indeed he was the first PM that I forced out with the (fixed) 2010 election. Remember he left his mic on and called a voter a bigot, that was aimed at me. He hoped I would call her worse as apparently if they can prove I have committed a criminal offence the powers get cancelled, hence all the provocations under cctv and even drones.

Anyway the blackmailing of the P O Wales started in the mid 80’s long before they had me to “fix” elections. The first thing that the treacherous Royal was forced to do was to force out the Queens prime minister Thatcher and put in a stooge (Major) that would be loyal to Charles and ultimately the pro Israeli blackmailers. So the Queen decided she had to use her powers to remove Charles’s stooge without removing Charles himself which if the Queen will forgive me was and still is silly. Charles can not be unblackmailed and one stooge will eventually be replaced with another.

So how did she do it, well she bestowed financial ruin on the Country with BSE and black Wednesday to force Major out of power at a general election, it worked but at great financial cost to the Country and Charles was still blackmailed.

A little known psychotic politician called Anthony Charles Lynton Blair caught wind of the fact that Major was being forced out and whoever was Labour leader (however lightweight or psychotic) would win with a landslide.

The only thing standing in his way was current leader John Smith and he soon cough died, paving the way for blackmailers friend Tony Blair to take office and due to the Tories only offering up stooges or blackmailers (you work it out) Blair was able to win another twice. It took me to finally get rid of his successor Gordon Brown, (and all the successive Tory appeasers after him) this Country is owe me such a debt of gratitude.

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