BBC 1:00 PM Propaganda

So on the usual propaganda slot today, I had two Blairites, Alistair Campbell. He is just like Tony Blair only with a more palatable voice but still speaks the same shite! I never even waited to see what he had to say.

The second was Hilary Clinton who considered herself official spokesperson for the Duchess of Sussex. I believe Trump was unleashed upon us for a reason but I won’t go into that. I will say however that her husband is a friend and ex colleague of Tony Blair’s and before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were old enough to know what’s what they almost started WW3 together at a place called Pristina and if it were not for a brave British General who if my memory serves me well is called Michael Jackson (no not him) who I believe told PM Tony Blair to go and fuck himself, we would probably all (who survived) be living down damnation alley right now.

When powerful people (no names) are being blackmailed, it is a ridiculously dangerous weapon and all this madness has to stop and it has to stop now!

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