Barking Dog

If these idiots think they are going to defeat me with a barking dog every time I open my window, they really are deluded. It is probably a recording as dogs tend to bark when they want not when you want unless of course… well lets not go there. Also I have never actually seen the dog.

I do a threat assessment and once I conclude that the dog is unlikely to be able to climb my drainpipe or pick my lock, it gets put into the category of background noise, safe in the knowledge that it is annoying the other people at least as much as me. Probably more. I ain’t the “shell shock” type.

What I mean is that some people suffer from shell shock during extended conflict and some people don’t. The ones who don’t put the distant pounding into background category and only worry about the real threats.

You wouldn’t believe what they were doing when I was in the forest, mostly bird scarer explosions but often shotguns fired above the trees also pneumatic drills etc.

Like I said once threat assessment done and I decided no need to dig a trench, I put the noise into background category and got on with my daily struggle to survive.

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