Council Tax

So I got more threatening letters today about council Tax. As a prisoner of the State, I do not pay Council tax. never have done and have no intention of starting now.

Yes they can give me less benefits than other (non prisoners) would get and call it council tax money but at the end of the day, I have not paid it and I just see the shortfall as one of the many downsides of being a prisoner of the British state.… Read More

The Puppet And His steering wheel

Prince Charles’s puppet Boris Johnson says he is changing the direction of Britain’s foreign policy by buying more nuclear weapons with money we do not have to protect ourselves against Israel’s enemies.

I would like to remind the Baffoon that we can not have a change in foreign policy until we have a British Foreign Minister and that in turn can’t happen until Security risk Prince Charles and all his sad puppets and stooges are gone.… Read More

Most Dangerous blackmailers

So which blackmailers are more dangerous to the UK? The Germans, the Chinese, the Pro Israeli blackmailers or indeed the Scottish Separatists?

The Germans as the Pristina incident, the animosity with Russia, the difficulty leaving the EU and now as I see it the biological warfare that is COVID 19 followed by vaccine wars, misinformation about clots etc.… Read More