Aunty Whoever

on: November 01, 2020, 10:52:20 AM

Previously I mentioned that I have a relative here in Stranraer who has been concerned about my welfare for some time but has been barred from visiting me by the British State.

I won’t mention her name but she is my Mother’s younger sister. I was born here in Stranraer as were both my so called parents, when I was only six months my parents fled to Perth with me and my elder brother for reasons I now believe was to avoid my deliberate cot death style murder by my grandfather (father’s father) in line with their long term one son only called James policy. Probably would have been more humane to have been murdered then than having to go through all that I have been through but hey, I never asked to be born but now that I am here, I will fight quite literally to the death.

Anyway when I arrived in Stranraer, finding this Aunt was my top priority as she presumably in the dark about who my Father is blackmailing and how that gives him un natural influence over my Mother as well as other family members who don’t tow his line. Anyway it was such a long time since I’d been in Stranraer that I didn’t know where she lived, I did know that she had re married, I knew her new husbands first name and I knew she worked as an administrator in the court but was probably retired by now.

So early in 2018 just after the Salisbury chemical attack, these volunteer guys were coming round my forest with the pretense of patching up my hut but their real mission was more sinister. I just said to them, that’s terrible what’s happening in Salisbury with the Russians.

A couple of days later three policemen arrived at my forest and basically said we have been brought in from Dumfries to arrest you as local officers are refusing, please do not put up a fight as we are only following orders. I replied it is only usually people with something to hide that resist while offering my wrists for the cuffs.

They took me to Stranraer hospital where a local doctor a chief (local) social worker and some kind of psychologist from Glasgow who mistakenly thought she could out think me started saying stuff like we have been told that you think the Russians are out to get you with knobichock or whatever it’s called, I said what bullshit I only commented on a major news story that every one was talking about. Then I asked them to ask me if I think the British state is out to get to but they would not, why? because that is in actual fact true. Instead they started asking me who the prime minister was? The irony of that is that if I hadn’t defeated Cameron May wouldn’t even be PM anyway not for much longer if I get my way I answered (not such a crazy statement with hindsight).

Anyway I saw my perfect opportunity, the head social worker must be in and out of the court so the chances of him knowing about my Aunt were really high so I gave the speil about being born here and having relatives including Aunt whoever who worked in the court. He instantly knew who I was talking about and brought that particulat ordeal to an abrupt end and I was released.

The next day a junior social workers came round with those treacherous dogooders looking for info about my so called father, who he is blackmailing and details about plight. As I knew the info was for my Aunt’s curiosity and I was more than happy to divulge.

A couple of days later I was chased out of the forest by about 50 youths, clearly my Aunt had confronted them, I have not seen any social workers since but I did get this house near the town center and someone has been paying my gas for 18 months. If it my so called parents, tough. If it is my Aunt, she will be reimbursed with interest as soon as my ordeal is over and I have been properly compensated.