Arise Sir Puppet

So we have a Sir in charge of the Labour party and now we have a Sir in charge of the Lib Dems.

A cynical person would surmise that the Royals were trying to keep a tight leash on ALL the political parties?

What next? Dame Sturgeon hmmmmmmmmmm!

All you need to do is turn a blind eye to child murder and the knight (or dame) hood is in the bag eh Cressida Dick!

It’s ok Theresa you will get yours as soon as the dust settles, assuming that thanks to Charles (or me) depending on your perspective we still have a Royal family once this war is over. As far as I am concerned Charles HAS to go, whether or not he takes the whole Royal institution with him is entirely up to him. His crimes (and those of his predecessors) are simply unforgivable and if he does not go soon the prospects for the Royal family (after the Queen) are not good. Someday my voice WILL be heard!

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