April 19th

This is the day that Mrs (no conscience) May was forced to call her ill fated general election on 2017 straight after giving me an even tougher time than usual while signing on at the job center and that was after a tough couple of months with that ex sas guy chasing me with a dog, then repeatedly trying to provoke me into starting a fight (criminal offence) I’ll let you into a secret, as well as being smarter than my enemies I am also the ultimate survivor, I must be to have made it thus far, you don’t start fights without a very good reason as there is no guarantee that you will win, no matter how tough you think you are, keep those skills for self defence (a legal right). The likes of Bear Grill make themselves out to be the ultimate survivors but they are not. For a start he likes jumping out of planes. I wouldn’t jump out of a plane unless it was on fire as it is an unnecessary risk in fact if I was in a plane I (or the Queen) would probably be driving, the trust thing. I hate to keep bringing up poor Princess Diana but if it were me, I would have been driving that car, anyway no joke as soon as I made back to the relative safety of my tent against all the odds, I turned on my radio and there she was at her lectern calling an election that (because she couldn’t defeat me) she knew, well she knew she couldn’t lose because the only alternative was Mr Pacifist Corbyn but that she would lose her majority to those Irish guys who have pictures of the Queen hanging all over the place.

It is also the day in 2009 that a little prat was deliberately and continuously kicking a ball against my wall, I gave him a ballicking from my window and not then knowing I was under surveillance (no reason for it?) because he was nearly driving my partner insane and despite my phoning the police the previous day and getting a fake promise that it wouldn’t happen again . Was that the day I was finally fitted up?? And is it a renewal anniversary? I am just guessing because I have never been informed about anything! What I am saying is was Wheatfield given an ultimatum, renew the draconian powers against me and call a (fixed election) or cancel the powers and throw Prince Charles to the blackmailer dogs??? Well history has recorded that she chose the former thinking maybe she can prove I am something I am not (a criminal) before the election. Tough Luck Mrs May! It never happened and still hasn’t because it’s not true! Simple. Oh yes and the atrocities (especially Manchester) in the lead up to that Ill fated election. Mrs May, Amber Rudd you can maybe fool the public with the OSA but “you can’t fool the blues, they will chew you up and spit you out” Jack Bruce RIP

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