Anti Semitic

Have you ever heard such blatant propaganda? Because (thanks to blackmail) they are in charge, they can make it a crime to criticise these pricks! If you dare to do so anti semitic is the made up name that the pricks will call you. Big fucking deal! Evil rodents!

If you had been subjected to the sort of deliberate cold blooded torture that I have (am being) you will probably be getting called anti semitic as well!

Get them all out of the Commons and Lords and there will be plenty of room to breath.

Oh yes and give Norman Smith his rightful job at the BBC back, deputised by blackmail.!

Lord Sugar, there is nothing sweet about blackmail!!! Martin Lewis money show, well that say’s it all really!!!

Other minorities stand out in our crowd, these fuckers hide among us!!””

Murdoch, Soros, Bloomberg, Zukerburger, Aronovich, Google guy Shmitd or something to name but a few, all blackmail billionaires and at OUR expense Oh did I forget Jeffrey Eipstein…Harvey Weinstein….Philip Green…

My hard drive is not big enough to list all the blackmail millionaires, eh Lord Sugar!

…Of course they are not all as bad as these people, Bob Dylan became a born again christian in the 70’s (I wonder Why?) Geddy Lee, one of my musical hero’s….ditto Lou Reed (real name Lou Cohen)

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