Anniversaries Galore

on: October 11, 2020, 10:11:18 PM

As well as the anniversary of the Russian Embassy, there is also another anniversary next Friday. After being refused assylum I ended up in a homeless hostel in Kilmarnock but they had me segregated in one wing with all the normal residents moved to the other. My food and milk was being poisoned and state actors were deliberately trying to provoke me under the cctv cameras by pinching my food, swapping my spoon for a fork etc, pretending to be drunk and bumping into me etc, my room was under surveillence by the rooms on either side, there was no where to hide.

Then on the Friday the sprinkler system in my room went off causing a lot of damage, if it was not someone trying to draw attention to their impossible plight, then it must have been an accident.

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