Andy Burnham holding the government ‘over a barrel’, says Raab

Do “the right thing” and accept tougher rules, the foreign secretary urges Greater Manchester’s mayor. (or else what?)

I am starting to warm to Mr Burnham!

Since when was Manchester part of the Foreign Secretaries Brief? Can’t have it both way’s, you are either doing Israel’s dirty work over seas or your interfering in Britain’s internal affairs via the power of blackmail. can’t do both!

So he wants to lock down and so does Sturgeon, starting to look like these imposters want to ruin our economy so they can blame it on Brexit, blatently targeting the areas likely to vote Brexit. Quick we need to re-join! Fuck Off! We need to rid ourselves of all the vermin that are blackmailing us! Most of all we need rid of Prince fucking Charles or the whole Royal bullshit if they continue to put their own ego’s before what’s best for this Country!

on: October 16, 2020, 11:13:49 AM

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