All is never what it seems

Spurred on by suspicions as to why the fucking (blackmailers friend) SNP would support this new and surprise intelligence oversight guy Julian whatever his name is, I decided to do a bit of research on this guy who i had never heard of and who apparantly more or less took the job in a (blackmailer) style coup. This is from his wiki page and pretty much lets me know that the blackmailers are still in charge and that I should prepare for the long haul!

Born in Swansea, into a Jewish family and son of a tailor and designer, Lewis was educated at Dynevor Grammar School and then at Balliol College, Oxford, receiving a BA, later promoted to MA, in Philosophy and Politics. He studied as a postgraduate at St Antony’s College, Oxford, being awarded the DPhil in Strategic Studies in 1981.

Militant infiltration of Labour

From 1976 until early 1978, with secret funding from The Freedom Association, he posed as a Labour Party moderate and briefly won control of Newham North East Constituency Labour Party, in an eventually unsuccessful attempt to reverse the deselection of the sitting MP, Reg Prentice, and in order to highlight Militant Tendency entryism in the Labour Party.[8][9][10] Prentice himself later joined the Conservatives.’

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