A Word Of Warning

A while back I said that no one sneaks up behind me because of , the times I’ve been attacked from behind when young and naive plus more than a decade of being stalked and harassed by the British state.

Well today someone nearly did, when going to my pre-planned appointment at the Job Center I became aware of someone behind me, it was one of the fit special branch joggers, by the time I got turned to face him he was moving in on me fast and my instincts told me I was under attack and move quickly to defend. So i started moving in on him but luckily for him he deviated his course away from me. With adrenaline pumping he got quite a mouthful from me but he kept on running like a coward.

The warning is that I reserve the absolute right to defend myself if I feel threatened and I don’t ask people if they give in, I eliminate threats.

Also in any consequential court case I will be telling the whole truth this time and nothing but the truth including our unelected Monarch to be’s role in all this.

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