A lost generation

On the Theme of unelected blackmail gang leader Johnson’s curb on civil liberty’s, it is not the ‘Sir’ MP with the pint of milk that I feel sorry for, it is the young generation who are really missing out.

I have had my civil liberties curtailed most of my life thanks to (at least) two blackmailed Royals and a Psychotic so called parent but there was a brief interlude between when Battenburg (mountbatten) was allegedly assasinated and Charlie Battenburg becoming blackmailed (between the ages of 19 and 24), I had a ball of a time as my so called father had no blackmail powers to stop me, drinking with my mates in pubs and disco’s (as they were called then) meeting girls and doing what young guys do. Today’s young generation are missing out on all that thanks to these unelected blackmail thugs and that is unforgivable.

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