Gone Shopping

The supermarket was absolutely mobbed this morning, for first thing Sunday, it was more like Friday evening pre-pandemic, I could see the point if there were an important Brexit related E.U. Summit this week or something like that. After negotiating my way round the aisles avoiding the crowds and the women who deliberately step back as I approach, I ended up at the checkouts.… Read More

1:00 PM BBC Propaganda today

So on the BBC Radio 4 news today known for spouting out propaganda aimed at me, their top story was about a middle eastern Princes that (I) have never heard of before who apparently has been under palace arrest in solitary confinement for the last three years with about 30 undercover cops patrolling outside 24/7 ensuring she can’t go anywhere or do anything and human rights people complaining that she (like me) has no access to medical facilities.… Read More