World King

Not much fun being world King once you become surplus to requirements, eh Boris. Someday soon the economy will tank. and (hopefully soon) we will be rid of you, the other stooges and power at any price merchants. Oh yes and most of all we will hopefully have a blackmailer free all British cabinet.… Read More

Blair’s Silence

You are not so cocky now are you Mr Blair? (or is Lynton) I figured that you (and your mate Campbell) must be trying to wind me up for a reason. By the way, I couldn’t give a fuck how many vaccines people get, it would take a man with a loaded gun to persuade me that vaccination was my best option.… Read More

Say Cheese

Remember I said I would be throwing the farmfoods cheese in the bin as it would be too risky to try?

Well now that I have realised that I need to last beyond the sixth to give you know who the best possible chance of defeating Trump because lets face it, I need a powerful ally other than the Queen because lets face it, she is torn between her loyalty to this Country and her loyalty to her Husband and so called son.… Read More