A New First

Last night, I got poisoned by Pringles crisps, had me up all night.

New not only because I have been eating them for ages with no issues, especially after getting poisoned by Walkers crisps and Morrisons own make.

The most significant thing about getting poisoned from this sealed carton is after reading the label, they were manufactured and packaged in Belgium, not the UK.… Read More

Sturgeon and Her Mask Slip

Bad news Nicola, I couldn’t give two fucks whether you wear a mask or not. My argument is with the SNP of which you just happen to be the public face (with or without a mask). If you were brought down for reasons other than what you, Salmond and the SNP have been doing to me, that would be no use to me.… Read More


I have talked a lot about the poisons they put in my food, today it’s the turn of eggs

There is a long history of them poisoning my eggs which can vary from mild to life threatening.

After getting poisoned, if I examine the shells of the remaining eggs, I see four small indentations, now a tell tale sign.… Read More