Non Arrival

So the PC that I paid £100 for from Ebay was supposed to arrive yesterday (Tuesday) but it has still not arrived at close of play today (Wednesday), not really that bothered as my laptop still works at best the so called authorities have kept it back because they are like Children who like to play games or at worst they are altering it.… Read More

Smear Campaign

Gavin Williamson, who I consider to be a rare ‘goodie’ on the Conservative benches. Why? Because when he took over as defence secretary in the Autumn of 2017 from Prince Charles’s arse licker (Sir) Michael Fallon all the special forces soldiers that had been harassing me just magically disappeared.… Read More

Phoney Fish War

There is a lot of propaganda on the BBC right now about the war between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond and how they have not talked since the summer of 2018 (just before I came in from the cold). As far as I am concerned she would not have his muckers Hosie and Swinney in her top team if that were true.… Read More

Israel’s Stupidity

Israel should understand that you can’t make people (like me) or Countries (like Lebanon) like you through force, cohersion or blackmail. You have to be nice to them!!!!!!!!

It is like the whole world has to conform to Israel’s way of thinking (and their fucking adverts) or they get labeled a fucking anti semite.… Read More