Google DNS

So I swapped to google’s DNS service for testing purposes as they update their cache more often than other DNS providers. Then after a while I was starting to get blocked from several websites including this one (that I own).… Read More


I wonder if the blackmailers are going to use the fact that i was the only person in the shop today not wearing a mask to fit me up for another year of this torture? It is only a crime if you refuse to wear a mask, I never did any such thing as no one asked me to wear one.… Read More

He’s back

The BT guy with all the safety gear is back up the telegraph pole that overlooks the only semi private window in my house.

It must be the most problematic telegraph pole in the whole of the UK. (fucking Huwei crap)

Luckily my semi private window also owns a curtain for such occasions.… Read More

Terminal Cancer

What is more worrying than fellow blackmailers the SNP voting for this guy is that the Labour party under Sir (is that the clue?) Keir Starmer helped shoe horn yet another pro Israeli blackmailer into a really sensitive position. It is like this Country has cancer that is spreading to all our vital institutions.… Read More

All is never what it seems

Spurred on by suspicions as to why the fucking (blackmailers friend) SNP would support this new and surprise intelligence oversight guy Julian whatever his name is, I decided to do a bit of research on this guy who i had never heard of and who apparantly more or less took the job in a (blackmailer) style coup.… Read More

New intelligence committee chair

Now according to Angus Robertson when he was quizzing Cameron about the special forces soldier that was intimidating me, this is the outfit that oversees all the joggers, cyclists and other arseholes that continuously harass and monitor me on behalf of the blackmailers and their royal ‘victim’ It seems that puppet Boris is not happy about the new appointee Julian Smith which under normal circumstances would give me some hope but that is not a luxury I can afford and while of course I will continue to hope for the best (there has to be an end game) experience has taught me to prepare for the worst which I will continue to do until such times as eg the bank of England gives me one of it’s Titans and starts apologising profusely before agreeing to my other demands!… Read More