Hero Propaganda

What’s with all the hero propaganda on the TV? (was it something I said?) Winston Churchill is no hero! He waged a second war in half a Century on our fellow Christians on behalf of King George and his non British, non Christian blackmailers in a further bid to divide and conquer us, a conflict that totally fucked this once great Country.… Read More

Heads or Tails

Neither really none are secure. Don’t ask me how I know , I just do, none use a secure operating sytem. For a start both are freely available for me to download while the only actually secure one (the one endorsed by Snowden) has it’s download disabled and has for as long as I’ve been looking (see screenshot).… Read More

Grim Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the senseless murder of Labour MP Jo Cox one week before the EU Referendum, followed a year later (almost to the day) by the horrors of Grenville. That in turn was preceded by the equally grim Manchester bombings, just days before (butter wouldn’t melt) Wheatfield’s ill fated (and fixed against her) election.… Read More

No Change

So the 15th deadline has been and gone and as fully expected, the blonde perfect example of incompetence and his sidekick, not so pretty Pattel have decided that the suppression of Prince Charles’s filthy secrets are far more important than my liberty.… Read More

Mr Kipling

So friend of Charles Mr Kipling strikes again, poisoning my cakes. This poison makes you fart a lot, then leaves you all sore as if you have been in a fight.

Check this out they have even put a picture of you know who on the box, eyeing up his next victim with Roger Black in the green jacket, just to wind me up!… Read More

Norman Baker

I just got a podcast sent to my email address from a Republican outfit that I know has links to the blackmailers, they seem to be the blackmailers weapon that they use to intimidate the Royals if they (especially Charles) can’t or won’t do as he is told..… Read More