Russia once again caught in attempts to poison foreign citizens

So it is ok for Ireland to poison me with a dose that would have killed most people and nobody say’s a word because Ireland is a ‘Western’ country.

Same goes for UK, I have had at least 2 or 3 potentially lethal doses plus multiple doses of poison that would get 99% of the population into hospital with off the scale prolonged pain (That is the purpose).… Read More

Queens Speech

While I agree with most of the things that the Queen says, I’m afraid I just can’t agree with her assertion that Britons died in WW2 so the rest of us can be free. We are not free (and I am certainly not) We are being ruled by the people who through blackmailing her father forced us into a second war in half a century with our fellow Christian country Germany to weaken both our Countries (divide and conquer) so that they can rule both our countries (as well as the US) and with the help of that idiot Charles who just can’t learn the lessons of his relatives blackmail shame, we (once the most powerful people on earth) are still being ruled by these filthy bastards and their fucking adverts!… Read More

Charles Letter

No not a letter of intent to abdicate but an insincere page of crap intended for postal workers. “Prince Charles praises their “dedication, resilience and hard work” in a letter left outside his home.”

Every day you leave these sick blackmailers in charge of running this country, countless billions are being removed from our economy, soon our country will be bankrupt (blackmailers price for forcing Brexit upon them).… Read More

Coronavirus: Theresa May criticises world pandemic response

What are you trying to say Theresa? That you, the one standing in a corner on her own during G8 meetings would have whipped the world (and the blackmailers) in to line if only you were still a political Queen!

Your talents are wasted on the repair shop, you should have been a comedian!!!… Read More