Google Decides

When you search on google and other search engine, you would hope to get non biased and relevant results. No chance, google and google alone (ok Trump too) decides what shows up and what doesn’t

As you can see from that screenshot below, this is a powerful domain with lots of backlinks that should be rankinng highly in it’s genre but because Nellie the Elephant (or is it Dumbo) and others do not want the public to find out about me for obvious political reasons this site continues to get no visitors from search engines.… Read More

Coronavirus: State surveillance ‘a price worth paying’

This is a quote from the BBC’s website

“The Tony Blair Institute says a “dramatic” increase in surveillance is better than the other available options.”

Man you couldn’t make it up Quick run and hide Tony. Hehe.

Never mind about surveillance Tony, it is foresight that you need!… Read More