Job Center Visit

Looks like it will be an interesting visit to the job center today, this close to Brexit day, these delusional people seem to think that if they can just defeat me they can somehow still thwart Brexit. It is like a war zone outside already with a couple of hours to go with Bullies shouting at each other, slamming doors in the close and the extensive use of sthill saws.… Read More

Pure Evil

So, I got really badly poisoned last night from a tin of (Heinz) soup that I bought from the Tesco (founded by someone called Alex Cohen) shop that I was forced to go to. Today I have got pain in the area of my kidneys and I tell you I am not happy, everything else can be compensated for but not my health and at the end of the day, I have to eat, These blackmailers are pure evil, there is no other way to describe them and while you could never condone what the Germans did to them, I really am starting (through personal experience) to understand why they did what they did.… Read More