A Word Of Warning

A while back I said that no one sneaks up behind me because of , the times I’ve been attacked from behind when young and naive plus more than a decade of being stalked and harassed by the British state.

Well today someone nearly did, when going to my pre-planned appointment at the Job Center I became aware of someone behind me, it was one of the fit special branch joggers, by the time I got turned to face him he was moving in on me fast and my instincts told me I was under attack and move quickly to defend.… Read More

Separatist Conundrum

I can fully understand why they have gave Boris a majority, get Brexit done and all that malarkey.

What I have not yet worked out is why in a fixed election did they give the Scottish separatists so many MP’s? Either they are setting up another showdown with the separatists with poor old me as there secret weapon yet again or simply, the separatists threatened to expose blackmailed child murderer for what he really is if they didn ‘t get lots of MP’s.… Read More

Nosey Parker

Someone is very interested in what I say. Someone with IP address 87.XX.XX.XX which resolves to the kingdom of Fife.

Could it be the Captain James T Whannel or fucking Judas as I prefer to call him, or more likely my extremely unfaithful little sister, affectionately known as shit the bed, responsible for a percentage of the kinives embedded in my back in exchange for horses and land.… Read More