The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

These all powerful billionaire blackmailers have been reduced to acting like a bunch of children switching my broadband on and off every half an hour or so. He he.

Bring on the Brexit Vote!

Or could it be that you are just repeatedly breaking my tunnel to expose my IP address in the vain hope that you will catch me doing something wrong?… Read More

Tony Blair Or Is It Charles Lynton?

When I previously said that Donald Duck could have become prime minister in the 1997 election, so apparently could a convicted pervert. Tony Blair it seems was fined £500 at Bow street magistrates court for trying to solicit sex with another male at a public toilet, the reason it did not barr him from becoming prime minister is because at the court he used his middle names of Charles Lynton instead of his real name Tony Blair.… Read More

Tony Blair Gives Another Speech Yawn

Tony Blair, the amateur politician who only became prime minister through circumstances and ruthless culling of opponents and never had enough foresight to see that helping maniac Prince Charles murder his Wife, Princess Diana after she found out why he is being blackmailed would come back to haunt him as Diana’s two young sons grow up and realise who did what to their mother and why.… Read More