Pure Poison

I had to go back to the supermarket earlier than usual today because of the shear amount of pre-poisoned food I had to throw in the bin at both my financial and health deficit, including Baxters soup, a tin of spam, a tin of Morrisons chicken jalfrezi curry stuff and two packs of pre-packed cold ham, it’s just getting ridiculous.… Read More

Do Not Bully Or Harass

Andrea Leadsom said this morning on this morning that wealthy and powerful individuals should not bully or harass people? Now either she is covering her own back in case the general public find out what’s been happening to me or she is trying to provoke me into making potentially false allegations about an individual who already is rich and powerful in order to protect someone who is infinitely more rich and powerful who just happens (under the threat of blackmail) to be bullying and harassing me big time, aided and abetted by the British state which you Andrea are part of, which one is it Andrea and how is your conscience?… Read More