Brady and Black’s Missing Children

If only this Country knew the truth about wahat our perverted Royals are guilty of!

Filfthy Child traffickers Ian Brady an Roger black have one thing in common, they both trafficked children to royal perverts before taking the rap for the murder of those trafficked children, just like a drug trafficker may get caught at customs while Mr big who they are trafficking for goes free.… Read More

Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson

I hate to bring up a thorny issue but there is no point in letting you continue insulting my intelligence, I have always known that Boris (like Cameron before him) is a stooge of your blackmailed Prince, so stop talking a load of crap at your conference and admit that you want Johnson to win an election so that you can indirectly blackmail him into signing a section 30 just like Salmond did with Cameron.… Read More